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That's what makes both sides similar, I guess. Cover and label photographs by LE taken during the recording session. Currently he is the editor of the music webzine, and also a D. The political aesthetic of Genocide Organ leads them to overlay political rants, barked declarations of warmongering, and non-descript screams into the sky all of which are appropriated amidst their beds of atonal electronics, squalls of feedback, barren rhythmic plod, and their own monotone sermons on social and economic woe. Misspelled title in tribute to my old band UNIVERSAL INDIANS.

He deliberately leaves in the 'unwanted' breaks, the mistakes and the faults, but his piece is, at least for me who heard pretty much everything of his 'old' music, a true delight. Intricate, beautiful, and strangely inhuman. Renou - all instruments, home-made instruments, tape, pseudo ethnic voices, electronics, mix. Landscapes was recorded and produced by Alik Dziki, former bass louisiana orleans french quarter hotels of the Polish Reggae legends Izrael and Kultura, as well as an early member of the mystic punk group Armia. Spooky music with a strong cinematic approach, as I can see this easily fit a horror movie. Five electro-acoustic works of a contemplative nature. An orchestral clip that could easily be a Disintegration Loops outtake opens, circling around itself and never quite resolving. Layout by Magda Stepien, translations by Daisuke Suzuki. Jean-Claude Eloy: 'In the past composers would often arrange or adapt their works themselves, often for practical or economic reasons. Franklin's seminal Ambient trio, TUU shortly after embarked on an enduring series of CD releases and performances across Europe. The second CD in this package is 'Rapture Of The Deep', which takes the material into a different direction. Eating Cum is safer than fucking Jesus in the Ass "The new cassette on Voluntary Whores travels to the more harsh side of noise - not made for too faint-hearted listeners and consumers. Is in time, we place ourselves .

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Noise specially formatted for sensitive ears. The content of the works presented on this disc produce a slow series of gestures that give the illusion of stillness amidst a texture of continually developing material. Here we have a genuine audio CD release. This time dAS and Ninah add even more obscurities to their sound world - a rhythmic unexplainable maelstrom of oriental workouts and atmospheres, combined with drones not from this world. Witt Wolcott Wolfe Wolff Wolfgang Wong Woodard Woodbury Woodlawn Woodrow Woods Woodward Woolworth Wooster Worcester Wordsworth Worthington Wotan Wrigley Wronskian Wu Wuhan Wyandotte Wyatt Wyeth Wylie Wyman Wyner Wyoming Xavier Xerox Xerxes YMCA YWCA Yakima Yale Yalta Yamaha Yankee Yankton Yaounde Yaqui Yarmouth Yates Yeager Yeats Yellowknife Yellowstone Yemen Yerkes Yiddish Yoder Yokohama Yokuts Yonkers York Yorktown Yosemite Yost Youngstown..

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Moonlight tickling the agitated surface of a pond. Side two will even confuse you more with a collection of bizarre kids songs that will push you backwards in your evolution! Although composed for two different projects, the eight numbers on the album show some cohesiveness as the listener is treated with a tracklist that cleverly interchanges the tracks from both of them instead than offering the two complete works separately. If anything this is a wildly, vivid and crude assembly of musique concrete - but in its most pure sense.

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