Secret language texting

secret language texting

In reality, net lingo also known as text lingo, is not a secret. Parents can go to several websites including search engines to try to decipher what.
Acronyms and shorthand writing through text and online are at an all-time high.
So are our kids, and some are using a secret emoji language that to use some as a secret code that parents can't necessarily figure out....

Secret language texting journey fast

How to Prevent Your Teen from Sexting. Desktop users must have flash installed to watch the livestreams. A few simple letters can have hidden meaning Teens come up with new ways to communicate every day. She has a different take on the list we found, saying parents are probably over-thinking it. Cyber-Expert Toni Page Birdsong offers some tips for teens and parents for online safety and what to do if you're facing digital abuse. Apple's new Siri speaker reportedly just got the green light. Mobile Apps News App iOS. Your name Your email Report a typo or grammatical error.
secret language texting

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  • Follow us on mobile. These days, teens have limitless platforms for communicating with each .
  • LANGUAGE TEENS ARE USING TO TALK. Take the test: Can you decode your child's text slang?

Stacey Confuses Everyone With Her Secret Language