Docs marketing adgroup feedback

docs marketing adgroup feedback

Reference document that lists ad review feedback definitions. 'validate_only'], see Marketing Developer Blog, Ad Image Text Check. . content, spy cams and surveillance equipment, counterfeit goods, fake documents and pornography.
Reference document for using Facebook Marketing APIs to get ad statistics on . to this ad object, rather than at the upload/save stage, or after review. name.
Reasons for review disapproval across all platforms, such as facebook or instagram. Each reason has a key and a description. Some of the key- description..

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A separate section recommendations will be included in the response, but only if recommendations for this specification exist. DATING Your ad wasn't approved because it doesn't follow our policies. Determines the report time of action stats. The ID of a Facebook Application.
docs marketing adgroup feedback

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  • The average percentage of the Facebook Canvas that people saw.
  • Default Reasons for disapproval on "INSTAGRAM".
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Create a New AdGroup with Keywords

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Your ad wasn't approved because it links to a proprietary file type ex:. Represents a relative time range. You can only use different custom audiences on the same ad if they don't use conflicting links. Your ad wasn't approved because it doesn't follow our ad guidelines.

Docs marketing adgroup feedback - - flying

All ad sets in this campaign must match the buying type. For more information on checking status, updating, deleting asynchronous request sets, please see managing asynchronous requests. The Facebook Insights API utilizes rate limiting to ensure an optimal reporting experience for all of our partners. Parameters This endpoint doesn't have any parameters. The configured status of the ad. Different ways to receive notification. One of the following:. You can remove values for any optional fields by updating the value to empty.